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See what candidates want upfront

See candidates' salary expectations and work preferences upfront for more transparent negotiations, saving time and avoiding bias.

Candidates Pre-Vetted then approved by you

Traditional resumes look backwards at a candidate's experience. On Stamped, deliver real-world skill assessments upfront so you can have the insights you need to find a better fit, faster.

Connect with top talent

Connect with top tech talent . Search through a curated pool of highly qualified candidates, each pre-vetted for experience, skills, and salary requirement. Built on millions of successful matches, our algorithms find only the right candidates for your job requirements, saving you 45 sourcing hours per hire.

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What our customers in recruiting & talent acquisition say

I'm trying to triple the size of our company and it takes a lot of sourcing to build a diversified pipeline. I like there's an aggregation of multiple social profiles along with resumes. It has made it seamless to gather information while helping to eliminate any biases within recruitment.

Greg H.

Manager of Recruiting

Stamped gives me access to high-quality candidates who are definitely looking. The profile fields--areas of expertise, top skills, what candidates are looking for, salary expectations--are all super super helpful and drive a lot more efficiency than other similar sites. Additionally, the support teams are so so helpful! I've had an awesome experience overall!

Amanda M.

Senior Recruiter


Full time or Temp Driver

$8,500 per Driver
Free to post job
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  • Paired with hands on creative search talent pool for you and schedule inteviews
  • Match with high quality candidates who are actively looking
  • Make competitive offers by viewing candidate's salary expectations upfront along with offers from other companies on Stamped
  • ATS integration for effortless candidate submissions
  • Replace hired candidate for free
  • Premium Customer Support

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