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Marketing | Design | Motion | Art Direction | Project Management | Copywriting | 3D | Production

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175,000+ Vetted Local Candidates on Stamped

Access over 175,000 vetted local candidates on our marketplace. Find reliable professionals in your area, carefully screened for your peace of mind. Connect with skilled experts and specialized professionals effortlessly.

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Save on hiring costs

Streamline your hiring process and reduce costs by eliminating the need for internal team sourcing and expensive recruiters. Connect directly with vetted talent to find the perfect fit for your organization.

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We're reinventing the marketplace experience by eliminating scrolling and searching through our AI matching system, operated and prompted by real people. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and searching as our innovative platform connects you with the perfect match through our AI-powered system guided by real professionals.

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We know it's impossible to MPC every candidate you love. Get paid for recommending talent that's been a bit tough for you to MPC or candidates for whom you might not have openings. Build your recruitment empire while still earning rewards for your recommendations.

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Roles We Cover

3D Artist |Animator | Art Director | Creative Director | Project Manager | Data Visualization Designer| Design Director | Digital Designer| Digital Production Artist | Digital Production Designer | Experiential Designer | Graphic Designer | Illustrator | Industrial Designer | Infographics Designer | Instructional Designer | Interaction Designer | Motion Designer | Packaging Designer | Photo Retoucher | Presentation Designer | Print Producer/PrepressProduction Designer | UI Designer | Video Editor | Visual Designer | Visual Merchandiser | Copywriter | Brand Manager | Brand Strategist | PlannerCommunications Manager | Digital Strategist | Email Marketing Manager | Event Marketing Specialist | Event Producer | Internal Communications Specialist | Marketing AnalystMarketing Automation | Manager Marketing Communications Specialist | Marketing Coordinator | Marketing Director | Marketing Manager | Character Artist | Environment Artist | Gameplay Animator | VFX Artist | Technical Artist | Producer | Social Media Manager | Game Designer | Community Manager | Level Designer | Concept Artist | Material Artist | Cinematics | 3D Modeler | CAD Designer

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