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Advance your DEI goals and initiatives with Stamped

Post jobs and get matched with  Black/Latinx, and  Native  American  marketers. Find your  match in as little as 48hrs.

Hire marketers from top companies

Handpicked for their skill, passions, and purpose, our curated talent pool drives both revenue and societal change. Join us in shaping a future where impactful hiring defines companies as champions of humanity and progress.

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Industry Experts 

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  • Consulting

  • Healthcare

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  • Direct Hire

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Match in as little as 48hrs

Discover the power of rapid staffing with Stamped Staffing. Get your project manager in as little as 5 days, sometimes even within 48 hours.

1. Tell us about your role

Hire for impact.

  • People of Color

  • Moms

  • Those affected by mass layoffs

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All Done for you. 

  • Coordinating, Screening, Interviewing, Onboarding

  • Specialized recruiters

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  • Pre-Vetted

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  • Reference Checked

How it works

1. Select Your Initiative

Select your initiative.

  • People of Color

  • Moms

  • Those affected by mass layoffs

2. Start Your Search

All Done For You.

  • Full Service Mode: Recruiting, Screening, Interview Coordination, Offer Negotiation, and onboarding assistance.

  • Specialized Recruiters: Utilize our industry specialists. No generalists.

3. Hire Talent

Hire  in 5 days or less.

  • Pre-Vetted: Our commitment extends to achieving specific DEI metrics within our network, prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion in hiring practices.

  • Skill Tested: We recognize hiring as the cornerstone of progress. Without successful hires, there can be no advancement in the DEI movement.

How it works

Industries that we support


  • Social Services

  • Health and wellness

  • Environmental Conservation

  • Animal Welfare

  • Education and youth development

  • Human Rights

  • Non-Profit advertising 


  • AI Entertainment Tech

  • Gaming

  • Events

  • Sports

  • Entertainment Advertising


  • A.I Tech

  • Fin Tech

  • Health Tech

  • Saas

  • Tech advertising


  • Tech

  • Entertainment

  • Non-Profit


  • Risk Management

  • Tech

  • Operations


  • Hospitals

  • Mental Health

  • Beauty

How We Vet

  • Reference Checks Before Submission:

    • We conduct thorough reference checks before submitting candidates.

  • Referral-Based Talent Pool:

    • 95% of our talent pool comes from referrals to ensure quality.

  • Ensuring Talent Quality:

    • Our rigorous process guarantees high-quality candidates.

1. Reference and Referral Requirement

  • Boosting Retention

    • Matching motivations to culture improves retention

  • Pre-Vetted Pool:

    • Our talent pool is already assessed for what they seek in a role and company.

  • Understanding Motivations:

    • We know their career goals, current life stage, and cultural preferences.

  • Matching Culture:

    • We find candidates compatible with company culture.

2. Understanding Motivations

  • DEI Criteria Alignment:

    • We ensure candidates match a company's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) goal criteria.

  • Promoting Diversity:

    • Our process prioritizes diversity and inclusion in candidate selection.

3. DEI Goal Match

  • Enhanced Culture Fit Matching:

    • With our pre-vetted talent pool, we increase the chances of finding a culture fit match. Through personal conversations with each candidate, we go beyond job-related discussions, ensuring compatibility beyond just skills.

4. Culture-Fit Check

  • Skill Testing Delivery:

    • We provide candidates with company-specific skill tests to evaluate their capabilities.

5. Skill Testing

  • Comprehensive Screening:

    • Our process includes background checks, drug testing, and certificate verification to ensure thorough vetting of candidates.

6. Background verification

Our Charity and hiring metrics

Join us on our mission to hit these numbers by building  a more inclusive and ethical workforce.

1,000 people hired from underrepresented groups.

One million people educated on how to advance their careers.

$500,000 donated to charities supporting underrepresented talent and founders.

5 Women-owned startups funded to help build more diverse companies from the ground up.

5 Black and Latino-owned startups funded to help build more diverse companies from the ground up.

1,000 Juniors employed and networked

  • No, we operate as a for-profit professional network with a focus on charitable endeavors.

  • Meet your first match in as little as 48hrs.

  • We believe in maintaining the highest standards within our network to ensure quality connections and opportunities for all members. Each application is carefully reviewed to ensure that our community remains exclusive and fosters meaningful interactions. Being accepted into the network ensures that you are part of a curated community where your talents and contributions are valued.

    • Engineers

    • Project Managers

    • Creative/Marketing Operations

    • Marketers

    • Designers

  • This is a specialty, quick delivery, affordable service by the social impact staffing agency, Stamped Staffing. This specific service will help you hire project managers on demand.

  • We staff Marketing, Creative, and Project Management, Engineering

    Some of the roles that we fill:
    Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Social Media Manager, Copywriter, Designer, Graphic Designer, Motion Designer,Full Stack Engineer,Cloud Engineer,Creative Operations Manager,and more


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