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We are the voice of underrepresented talent
By Referral Only
Creative, Marketing, Project Management Roles Covered
 Staffing Agency specializing in DEI
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Where are the black people?

Black people. have shown that biases in interviews lead to Black candidates being rated lower in competence and hireability compared to equally qualified white candidates.

The C-Suite is male dominated.

Women Executives. Research shows that women made up only 29% of senior executives in U.S. companies.

The best candidates aren't always passive.

Talent affected by layoffs. Why are staffing agencies consistently targeting candidates who don't actually need employment? Let's help those are actually in need.

Give juniors a chance.

Juniors. How can you possibly land an entry-level job if the company is requiring minimum 3 years experience?

A n d  m o r e . . .

Our mission: Open doors for those often overlooked

Talents pools that have our support

Our Roadmap to inclusion

1. Connectivity 

  • Inclusion and Collaboration. Our focus is to build a culture where people feel invited and aren't afraid to introduce themselves to each other.

  • Discovery. We help you discover allies, those with similar morals, and core beliefs.

  • Reciprocity. We value not only giving but 

2. Hiring

  • Discovery

  • Asa

  • Reciprocity.

4. Monetization

  • Earn per referral.

  • Earn per hire.

  • Sell your services.

3. Education

  • Preparation. Rewarding those who actively contribute to our mission

  • Advancement. Building a culture of reciprocity

  • Engagement. 



Permanent Employment Opportunity

Secure diverse talent directly. Find permanent with ease, connecting you directly with qualified candidates for long-term positions. You only pay once a hire is made (Contingent)

Contract Staffing


Need short-term or contract-to-hire solutions? Just tell us your needs, and we'll match you with the perfect freelancer or candidate for seamless project completion or recruitment.

You only pay once a hire is made (Contingent)

Quick Projects

Hire a freelancer

Need something quick like a logo, a brochure, or an illustration? We'll connect you with a freelancer for fast projects.

You only pay once a hire is made (Contingent)

How We Vet

We meticulously vet candidates through a rigorous process, including referrals from previous employers, comprehensive skill assessments, video screenings, and in-depth evaluations of their motivations and past work experiences, ensuring they not only possess the requisite skills but also align with your company's culture.

Reference Check and Referral Requirement

Know why talent is looking for a new role

Deliver Your Skill Assessments

Video Screening

Relevant Past Experience

Culture Fit Assessment




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