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People of Color |  Moms | Veterans  | Asian | Displaced | and more.

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Handpicked for their skill, passions, and purpose, our curated talent pool drives both revenue and societal change. Join us in shaping a future where impactful hiring defines companies as champions of humanity and progress.

Impactful Hiring, Lasting Change

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Displaced workers

And more
Grey Limbo

Certified and ready to work

Industry Experts 

  • Tech

  • Non-Profit

  • Entertainment

  • Advertising

  • Consulting

  • Healthcare

All in 1 solution

  • Direct Hire

  • Contract Staffing

  • Temp/Freelance

Function Experts

  • Project Management

  • Marketing

  • Engineering

  • Creative

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Match in as little as 48hrs

Discover the power of rapid staffing with Stamped Staffing. Get your project manager in as little as 5 days, sometimes even within 48 hours.

Save up to 50%
Direct Hire

Stamped Staffing Rates:

  • Affordable.14% of annual salary

  • Impactful. Portion of profits donated to charity

  • Low Risk. Replacement Candidate packages offered

Industry Rates

  • 25-50% of annual salary

  • No charitable contribution

Save up to 30%

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Stamped Staffing Rates:

  • 14% of annual salary

  • Portion of profits donated to charity

  • Replacement Candidate packages offered

Save Money (Price Matching Offered)

Rewarded with Savings for your
social impact hiring contributions

Find a better price? Submit a 2024 invoice and service agreement from a USA-based vendor, and we'll match their price for direct hire, or drop our price by 5% for contract/freelance.

Stamped Staffing Rates:


  • Affordable. 20% of annual salary.​

  • Impactful. Portion of profit donated to charity.

  • Low Risk. Replacement candidate packages available.

  • Low Risk. Pay once talent starts working.

  • Ethical. We only hire those who actually need employment

Industry Rates:

  • Expensive. 25-50% of annual salary

  • Selfish. No charitable contributions

  • High Risk.  Charge retainers or for time spent recruiting.

  • Unethical. Ghosting talent and those who are in need of employment.