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Fighting for DEI in Every Workplace

Our network brings together top industry professionals to advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Currently accepting 100 New Members

Professional Network offering Networking | Education | Hiring | Business Development Opportunities | Clubhouses & Events

Your friends. 

Your Black and Latino friends are being hit hard.

You get let go and can't get back in.

You might unexpectedly lose your job and find it harder to secure your next role while unemployed due to bias and stigmas.

Your Child.

Your child will encounter significant challenges in securing their first few jobs.

You will experience ageism.

As we all age, battling ageism in the hiring process becomes inevitable

Women Executives

There is little to no female representation within the C-Suite and Board.

Moms Re-entering workforce

Did you know that only 16% of companies offer paid maternity leave?

DEI impacts us all. We're here to minimize risks and foster equity. 
Without our efforts, one day it will be you or someone you love.

Our mission is to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in every workforce, starting with the understanding that there are more committed companies than commonly acknowledged.

  • We specialize in improving discoverability, ensuring these dedicated companies gain the visibility they deserve.

  • Through enhanced visibility, we strengthen their workforce and bolster their bottom line, maximizing their impact on the DEI movement.

  • By supporting their growth, we empower them to become even more significant contributors to fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces.

1. Discovery

The next step in our journey is education, encompassing both workforce preparation and advocacy for DEI involvement:

  • Workforce Education: We're dedicated to equipping individuals with the necessary qualifications for job opportunities while fostering awareness of DEI principles.

  • Continuous Learning for Companies: We facilitate ongoing education for companies to retain talent and adapt to evolving DEI standards.

  • Advocacy within Our Networks: We educate our members on the importance of DEI involvement, fostering a culture of inclusivity and commitment to driving positive change in workplaces.

2. Education

The final and crucial step is hiring, ensuring a continuous flow of job postings and actual hires through our network:

  • Continuous Job Postings: We're dedicated to maintaining a steady stream of job opportunities within our network, ensuring access to diverse employment prospects.

  • Meeting DEI Metrics: Our commitment extends to achieving specific DEI metrics within our network, prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion in hiring practices.

  • Hiring as the Key Step: We recognize hiring as the cornerstone of progress. Without successful hires, there can be no advancement in the DEI movement.

3. Hiring


The Stamped Network

  • Grow your network: Get curated introductions to other respected

  • Come Hang: Gain access to curated industry groups, clubhouses, and events that aren't all about DEI. 

Stamped University

Share your knowledge: Help talent upskill by showcasing your industry expertise through podcasts, blogs, or social media posts.

Become an ally: Upon request, receive curated introductions to underrepresented talent who are already skilled and simply need to expand their networks.

Learn: Gain access to informative curated podcasts, blogs, and groups from experts in your industry.

Stamped Staffing

  • No Hiring, No Movement.  Gain potential access to Stamped Staffing. 

  • Overcome the cost excuse: Access up to 75% in hiring savings through our network.

  • Overcome the quality excuse: 95% of our talent base are referrals from respected professionals in your industry.

The Stamped Economy

  • Earn for every referral: Earn up to $20,000 per month for every candidate who is hired or client who purchases

  • Earn on every hire you make: Get rewarded for every DEI hire you make.

  • Business Development Opportunities: Get curated business referrals upon request by other members.

Stamped Clubhouses

Come Hang: Gain Access to clubhouses around your city (Coming soon)

Workspaces: Private workspaces with Free WiFi and Beverages

Stamped Badge

Legacy Access: Receive legacy badges for your loved ones which will grant network access.

Member Perks: Use your member badge and gain exclusive perks around your city


W H O  W E    A R E   N O T   F O R

1. You're a Frank

  • What's a Frank? A Frank is a corporate character that we created who embodies bad ethics. A Frank is the following:

  • Hidden biases. You have hidden biases towards Women in leadership roles, LGBTQ, Blacks, People of Color, or Asians. And yes, one of these groups listed can also be a Frank.

  • Don't Pay People. You have a long history of not paying vendors and or staff (We will find out).

  • "By the book". You do everything "by the book" and blame it on being a corporation (Unless it benefits you of course).

  • Untrustworthy. You're quick to throw someone under the bus if necessary.

  • You're cheap. You Nickel and Dime people when it's totally unnecessary. You don't want anyone else to truly make money other than yourself.

  • Job Ghoster. You get a job then ghost the people who have helped you.

  • Referral Ghoster. You get a referral and then ghost the people who have helped you.

  • Disgusting. You lay people off and do nothing to help the people you let go.

  • Money hungry. You answer to money before you answer to people.

If you are a Frank, GO AWAY. If we find that you are a Frank, then you will be banned.

2. You're solely looking for business development opportunities

  • Here for new business. We have a system that will help you gain business development opportunities. If that is your sole purpose for joining this group, you will be banned.

3.You don't believe the following:

  • Disproportionate Bias. We represent all people regardless of race or gender, but we do not ignore the statistics. Blacks and People of color are experiencing disproportionate bias in the hiring process.

  • Ethics in corporate America. There is such a thing as ethics and everything not being about money in corporate America. There's just an issue with people being able to discover the right companies.

  • Reciprocity. Don't you hate it when you consistently give referrals and recommendations, but the same isn't done for you? We believe reciprocity is just as important as giving.

4.You're here to debate religion and politics

  • Our network is dedicated solely to promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and assisting our members in maintaining employment. We do not engage in debates regarding political beliefs or religion.

Our Charity and Hiring metrics

Join us on our mission to hit these numbers

1,000 people hired from underrepresented groups.

One million people educated on how to advance their careers.

$500,000 donated to charities supporting underrepresented talent and founders.

5 Women-owned startups funded to help build more diverse companies from the ground up.

5 Black and Latino-owned startups funded to help build more diverse companies from the ground up.

1,000 Non-Minority Parents employed who experienced un-expected layoffs

1,000 Juniors Employed

  • No, we operate as a for-profit professional network with a focus on charitable endeavors.

  • You must complete our application and receive approval within the Stamped Network to access our recruitment services

  • Yes. This network is 100% Free. 

  • We believe in maintaining the highest standards within our network to ensure quality connections and opportunities for all members. Each application is carefully reviewed to ensure that our community remains exclusive and fosters meaningful interactions. Being accepted into the network ensures that you are part of a curated community where your talents and contributions are valued.

  • The Stamped Network is dedicated to advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workforce while providing support and opportunities for each other, our colleagues, and loved ones during their employment journeys


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